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Making estimate the value of its property is a crucial step to make a successful sale. Determining the right selling price is the first step in a successful real estate transaction

Sell at the right price, sell quickly

Overestimation may slow the sale of your property**. You will not find or few buyers. A property that stays on the market for too long is discredited.

An underestimate, on the contrary, constitutes a real loss of profit due to a loss in value.

The estimate we offer is free and without commitment

A complete database

We own one of the largest database of real estate, homes, apartments and buildings recently sold and for sale. This database is essential to determine the fair price of your property.

A knowledge of the market

With more than 10 years of experience in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we are experts in the Luxembourg real estate market. It is on this point that we will make the difference

A professional method

We use a professional and widely proven method. Based on a complete diagnosis of your home or your apartment but also and especially on a market analysis and competition, we have the know how to put your property at the right price on the market.

Steps to know the real value of your property in Luxembourg

Step 1

Meet at your home with one of our experts We move for free and without obligation on your part

Step 2

Accurate on-site measurements by a Luxemburg real estate expert Study of the quality of the construction, the materials used, the quality of the finishes Study of electrical, energy, etc. compliance Study of the environment and the neighborhood

Step 3

The expert checks the conformity of the documents. We know the Luxembourg legislation and we can inform you about the steps, your rights and your homework

Step 4

We are providing the estimate of your property

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